Cookbook Week – Day 3! Plus a giveaway

by Irvin on August 20, 2014 · 28 comments

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Cookbook Week - Day 3

I’m often drawn to specific cookbooks for their particular aesthetic and/or design. Whether it’s the stunning photography, the design of the interior or just the way the author creates his recipes in a unique individual way, cookbooks nowadays are more than just a collection of recipes. This collection of cookbooks typifies exactly what I love in contemporary cookbooks from the gorgeous aesthetic of Sweet Paul in his book Eat & Make to the luscious photos in The Flavour Principle to the infographic style of Michael Ruhlman’s Egg. Stick around to the end of this post as well for a chance to win a copy of Josey Baker Bread, a beautiful cookbook from an individual who’s enthusiasm for baking bread shines through and is positively infectious.

Josey Baker Bread

A few months ago there was an explosion of articles about the “ridiculous” $4 toast that was being sold here in San Francisco. People wrote about how elitist is was, and how it was the perfect example of the absurdity of living in San Francisco. Completely blown out of proportion, the man behind the toast is none other than the down-to-earth Josey Baker. His book Josey Baker Bread is probably the antithesis of elitism, full of down-to-earth personality and easy step-by-step recipe with specific details about what sort of equipment is needed for baking the beautiful bread that he sells. For anyone who has been intimidated by making bread or want try their hand at baking artisan bread, this book makes it all seem doable. From the photos of what the bread looks like when it’s underbaked, overbaked and baked just right, to the casual writing that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a pal, this cookbook is geared toward the beginner bread baker though more experience bread bakers would also get some pretty nifty tips, technique pointers and excellent recipes.

Eat & Make by Sweet Paul

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Cookbook Week – Day 2! Plus a giveaway

by Irvin on August 19, 2014 · 51 comments

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Cookbook Week - Day 2

After taking a trip around the world in yesterday five different cookbooks, today’s post features an eclectic mix of American based cuisine. Ranging from the critically acclaimed chef Marc Forgione to the down home cooking of Lisa Fain and her Homesick Texan’s Family Table cookbook each cookbooks has a mix of various different approaches to cooking and subject matter. At the end of this post there are instructions on how you can win the Marc Forgione cookbook, generously supplied by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Marc Forgione

If you follow celebrity chefs at all, you are probably familiar with Marc Forgione, winner of season 3 of The Next Iron Chef. Those who live in New York may have dined at his eponymous restaurant or at least heard about the infamous story of how he kicked out a New York Times writer from his restaurant. But beyond all the hullaballoo and hype lies a great chef who creates even greater food. With his eponymous named cookbook Marc Forgione, this cookbook seems to be made for the home kitchen, unlike some restaurant and chef cookbooks. The recipes are approachable, the majority of ingredients (mostly) available at a well-stocked grocery store and the instructions written in a way that (gasp) are actually understandable. This is probably no doubt because of the collaboration with Olga Massey, the woman behind the critically acclaimed blog Sassy Radish and co-author of the book. Chock full of great recipes and solid techniques (how to truss a chicken is full explained with process photos for instance) this cookbook is not just any restaurant vanity project cookbook but a go-to reference guide for creating restaurant quality meals.

Lunch! by Gale Gand [click to continue…]

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Cookbook Week Day 1

I swear every year that I am going to stop with the cookbooks. But honestly I can’t help it. In fact, on my desk right now is a stack of cookbooks that is threatening to topple over, right on top of my shiny new Macbook Air. Which normally I would be horrified at the prospect, but I love my cookbooks and my Macbook Air is under warranty right? Though I guess explaining to the genius bar guy that a mountain of books fell on the computer would be a little awkward. That said, instead of doing my usual MASSIVE cookbook roundup like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to do something a little different. I present to you Cookbook Week here on Eat the Love. For the next five days I’ll be featuring five cookbooks per post, for five days in a row. 25 books in all. Yeah, that’s a lot of cookbooks, but trust me when I said I tried to whittle them down to less and I couldn’t. BEST OF ALL, each post will include a giveaway for one of the cookbooks I feature in the post. So swing by and visit this here blog each day this week for a chance to win a cookbook. For today’s giveaway, stick around to the end of this post for a chance to win David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen.

David Lebovitz' My Paris Kitchen

Of course, I’m not one to play favorites with cookbooks, but David Lebovitz has always been a long time favorite cookbook author (and blogger) of mine, even before I started this blog. Funny, witty and intelligent, his recipes are rock solid and his personality shines through in each story. My Paris Kitchen doesn’t disappoint with warm anecdotes, beautiful photography and sage advice on how to navigate the craziness of living in Paris. I immediately made his caramel pork ribs recipe when I got the book (they were as fantastic as they sounded) and can’t wait to dive into some of his other classic French dishes like cassoulet, croque-monsieur and steak frites. Completely with stories and side trips interjected between recipes and chapters, as well as gorgeous photography of Paris and France, this is the sort of cookbook that belongs both in the kitchen as you cook your way through it, and in the bedroom, as you’re curled up under the covers reading it before you fall asleep dreaming of your French adventure. [click to continue…]

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Irish Kahlua Summer Cocktail [Sponsored Post]

August 14, 2014

The Irish Kahlua Summer cocktail features a caramelized sugar rim for a sophisticated impressive drink to guests and at home. I’m gonna be honest. I’m a sucker for setting things on fire. In the kitchen that is. Under controlled conditions. I’m not pyro! But if there’s a way for me to flambé a dish or […]

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Crumpet Recipe, or what I do when AJ goes cycling.

August 11, 2014

Tender, chewy and moist, this lemon scented crumpet recipe is easy to make and worlds better than any store bought crumpet. My partner AJ and I live very different lives, though obviously there are major overlaps. We’re lucky that we both love road trips, travelling to new places, camping and hiking. We can both tolerate […]

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Stuffed Pork Chop Recipe with Chard, Cherries and Plum Balsamic Glaze. Plus a giveaway! [Sponsored Post]

August 4, 2014
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This stuffed pork chop recipe with chard and cherries in the stuffing and a plum balsamic glaze that is dinner party worthy but weeknight easy! It’s a known among my close friends that I’m the one that usually orders the pork dish at restaurants. Maybe it’s because of my Asian heritage (the pig is much […]

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Red Plum Jam Swirled Caramelized White Chocolate Brownie Sundae [Sponsored Post]

August 1, 2014
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I don’t watch a lot of reality TV but I was thrilled to team up with the folks at Cake Boss to create a recipe using their new line of bakeware, which features more than 250 baking products. The resulting Red Plum Jam Swirled Caramelized White Chocolate Brownie Sundae is definitely ready for it’s close […]

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Back home!

July 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for Back home!

AJ and I are back from our shortened three-week road trip (which hopefully some of you followed along on our Instagram feeds). I say shortened which is totally relative because most people don’t have the luxury of taking three weeks off to gallivanting across the country. Thankfully AJ’s a professor so that means he gets […]

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Plum Jam Recipe with Lavender

July 21, 2014
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Learning how to make plum jam is easy with this plum jam recipe that uses lavender to give the preserve a gorgeous floral depth. I’ll be honest. I’m not a canning expert. In fact, other than the one experience I had using the oven method (which totally seems safe but apparently a lot of people […]

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Zucchini Pasta Recipe, a Summer Vegetable Recipe

July 14, 2014
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This zucchini pasta recipe, a summer vegetable recipe of zucchini, corn and tomatoes makes for a great side dish or vegan friendly main course! “Why would anyone pick summer squash like zucchini over other vegetables?” exclaimed my friend as the four of us sat in the oversized booth meant for six people. It was getting […]

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Kahlúa Chocolate Banana Bread [Sponsored Post]

July 11, 2014
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This moist and delicious twist on the same old chocolate banana bread shines when shared at a picnic or with friends. July is here and that means warm weather, lounging around the pool and outdoor picnics. Unless, of course, you live in San Francisco where the weather is notoriously cold during the summer months and […]

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On the Road, 2014

July 7, 2014
Thumbnail image for On the Road, 2014

If you’ve been following along on my blog, you’ll know that last summer my partner and I took an epic roadtrip across the country, hitting 23 states, 13 National, State and Native American Parks and logged over 10,000+ miles on our car. We were gone for 7 weeks and it was pretty fantastic. We talked […]

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Photo Essay: Meals on Wheels’ Star Chefs and Vintners Gala – 2014 Part 2

June 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for Photo Essay: Meals on Wheels’ Star Chefs and Vintners Gala – 2014 Part 2

This photo essay showcases chefs, plated meals and desserts from the Meals on Wheel’s Star Chefs and Vintner’s Gala, SF’s premiere food fundraising event. Even though I already wrote and shared some of the photos from the Meals on Wheels Star Chefs and Vintners’ Gala in a previous post, the reality is I could probably […]

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Kahlúa Coconut Mudslide [Sponsored Post]

June 16, 2014
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This refreshing twist on the classic Kahlúa Mudslide frozen cocktail will cool you down no matter where you are this summer! To be honest, summer in San Francisco is not my favorite time of year. Though I look forward to summer because my partner AJ is off of work (he’s a professor at a community […]

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Photo Essay: Meals on Wheels’ Star Chefs and Vintners Gala – 2014

June 9, 2014
Thumbnail image for Photo Essay: Meals on Wheels’ Star Chefs and Vintners Gala – 2014

This photo essay is the next best thing to attending the San Francisco Meals on Wheel’s Star Chefs and Vintner’s Gala, SF’s premiere food fundraising event. Most of AJ’s cycling friends thought he was crazy. It wasn’t because he was biking 545-miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a week for the AIDS Lifecycle. […]

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Beer Bread with Cheese and Rosemary Herb

June 2, 2014
Thumbnail image for Beer Bread with Cheese and Rosemary Herb

This quick and easy beer bread recipe uses fresh rosemary, grated cheese and semolina flour, creating a dinner party worthy dish in less than an hour! My sister once went shopping trying to find a gift for me. Each item she picked she pondered “tacky or Irvin” as she deliberated on what to buy me. […]

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Skirt Steak Recipe with All-Purpose Steak Rub and Chimichurri Sauce

May 26, 2014
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This awesome, fast and easy skirt steak recipe with all-purpose steak rub and chimichurri sauce can be made in 30 minutes or less, start to finish! This blog probably makes the follow sentiment utterly unnecessary to write, but I love food. Most of my friends know this so I end up being the guy that […]

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