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by Irvin on March 2, 2015 · 6 comments

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Korean Japchae is basically Korean pasta salad made with chewy, naturally gluten free sweet potato noodles. This tasty japchae recipe is super easy to make.

Japchae Recipe. Photo and recipe by Irvin Lin of Eat the Love/

My partner AJ and I love to visit Los Angeles as often as possible. We have some great friends down there which we adore and try to see at least two or three times a year. But the biggest draw for us (sorry friends) is the food! Japanese ramen, though SF’s ramen scene is finally getting better, Thai food which SF is still lagging behind but catching up and Korean food. Korean food in particular is a love of ours and though I can find some decent Korean food here in SF (I said decent, not stellar) I need to start making it at home more often. One of my favorite dishes to make at home is a Korean Japchae recipe. The equivalent to a Korean pasta salad, japchae is extremely versatile, something you can make with whatever you have in your fridge, almost like fried rice. (Jump directly to the recipe.)

Korean Japchae Recipe. Photo and recipe by Irvin Lin of Eat the Love.

One of the downside (or upsides if you look at it that way) is Japchae is tough to make small amounts of it. The packages of sweet potato noodles that you use usually comes in about 1 lb packages and by the time you add in everything else, you’ve got enough Japchae to feed a small army. This, of course, is ideal if you are going to a potluck or feeding a huge crowd of people. Or if you happen to like Japchae a lot and want to have a lot of leftovers, which is what happened in our household.

Japchae recipe, a Korean pasta salad. Photo and recipe by Irvin Lin of Eat the Love.

If you want to make japchae, you will need to get a few ingredients at the Asian grocery store. Obviously sweet potato noodles is a must. It’s the backbone of japchae. But the rest of the ingredients are fairly straightforward. Toasted sesame oil isn’t hard to find, most well stocked regular grocery stores carry it, along with the soy sauce. The only other ingredient that may be harder to find is fresh Shiitake mushrooms. If you can’t find fresh, dried Shiitakes will work. I make a note of that in the recipe below on how to use those.

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Korean Japchae Recipe with step-by-step photos and instructions by Irvin Lin of Eat the Love.
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Heather Fong March 2, 2015 at 11:21 am

I love japchae and always get it when I go out for Korean, but I’ve been weary of making it at home (I feel like the flavor wouldn’t be the same). This one looks easy and tasty enough to try, especially if it’s from Maangchi (she’s so adorable on her YouTube channel!).


Marisa Franca @ All Our Way March 3, 2015 at 4:24 am

I usually concentrate on Italian food but this is too good to pass up. This is on our roster. Luckily we found some rib eye steaks on sale and picked up quite a few. Thank you Irwin!!


Natatia Lin Suh March 3, 2015 at 8:45 am

This was the first Korean dish that I loved back when I first had it 15+ years ago in Cleveland of all places! Mama Suh recommends reheating by frying it in a skillet and adding a little water once it’s hot…soooo much better than nuking it. The noodles get funky pretty quickly (we won’t eat it after 3-4 days) and the frying helps with that. 🙂


Kari March 3, 2015 at 9:53 am

I love how many veggies are in this!


Debbie March 8, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Wow, this looks good ! All the vibrant colors & flavors. Off to Ranch 99 Market for a few ingredients.

On a different note, are you doing anything special for Pi Day this Saturday?
aka 3.1415


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