August 2016

BBQ Shrimp and Grits

August 29, 2016

BBQ Shrimp and Grits are an easy meal to make. Using stone-ground grits and cooking them slow and low brings out their savory flavor! When AJ is away I eat awful. Box mac and cheese, instant ramen, and a lot of carry out, specifically of the cheap Chinese food type. I’m not sure why I […]

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Peach and Blackberry Pie

August 22, 2016

A Midwest Summer experience: learning to fire a gun, baking a peach and blackberry pie and how food brings us all together. “If you at any point feel uncomfortable, you should yell out ‘CEASE FIRE’ and everyone will put their guns down.” Said the man in the instruction video at the shooting range. We were […]

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Cheeseburger Pasta

August 1, 2016

This made-from-scratch Cheeseburger Pasta is loosely inspired by a box mix that I used to make in college, but is WAY better! True confession time. Growing up my mom was a pretty awesome cook making sure that we had a hot homemade meal at home every single night. And though I took a class in […]

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