July 2016

Sponsored Post: Mocha Pots de Creme

July 25, 2016

These easy-to-make mocha pots de creme are perfect meal ending on a warm summer evening. “I would have eaten more of this if I could…” said my friend Annie as she handed off the rest of the mocha pots de creme to my partner AJ. He finished the half empty mason jar without a thought […]

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Pretzel Buns

July 11, 2016

These easy-to-make pretzel buns use baking soda to “pretzel-fy” the dough. They’re my favorite burger buns! This whole food blogging thing came about accidentally for me. When people ask me how I became a recipe developer, food writer and photographer I usually tell them that I stumbled into it. I was former a graphic designer […]

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