April 2011

Star Anise infused Maple Mousse in a Blueberry and Lemon Tuile Cup topped with White Chocolate Whipped Cream: A Daring Bakers’ Challenge

April 27, 2011

Ahh… The Daring Bakers’ Challenge. Once a month a bunch of bakers set out to make a dessert, theoretically all the same, but vastly wildly different in real life. This challenge was pretty unique, as it was fairly open ended in terms of what we could do with it AND there was a prize involved! How […]

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Nudie Foodies: Food Bloggers Peel for Japan

April 25, 2011

Hey there. How’s it going? As usual things have been rather busy here in Eat the Love land. But I wanted to let you all know about a project I’ve been working on with a bunch of other food bloggers. You may have already heard about it, but it’s called Nudie Foodies: Food Bloggers Peel […]

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Guilt Free Graham Crackers with whole grain unprocessed ingredients

April 21, 2011

Growing up, my partner AJ had a mild obsession with graham crackers. Well, specifically graham cracker dipped in chocolate frosting. It was a snack that his mother seemed to encourage and I can only mentally picture a child AJ taking the brown crumbly cracker and scooping and smearing generous dollops of frosting from a betty […]

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Branding and Web Design 101 for Food Bloggers: A BlogHer Food Session

April 18, 2011

Hello there! For those of you who follow me on Twitter or are a fan of my Facebook page you might have already heard my announcement. But for those who have not, here is it: I will not only be going to BlogHer Food down in Atlanta on May 20-21st, but I’ll be leading a […]

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Pennsylvania Dutch Soft Cookies and a nostalgia for a childhood I only read about

April 14, 2011

Growing up I had a slight fascination with other “outsider” cultures. Perhaps it was because I was Asian, or “Oriental” as they referred to it back then, living in the Midwest surrounded by white people. I have specific memories of asking the one other oriental girl in my grade school if she spoke Chinese at […]

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Ginger Lemon & Bourbon Blood Orange Tart With Cardamom Almond Crust: A DIY Dessert event at 18 Reasons

April 11, 2011

Last month, for the DIY desserts event that I co-lead with Melanie Duve over at 18 Reasons, we decided that Citrus was the perfect theme. On the cusp of spring, the bountiful amounts of citrus fruit were overflowing at the markets and the bright flavors and colors made me want to just pucker up and […]

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The 5th Annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon

April 8, 2011

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know that there’s a pretty awesome event in San Francisco coming up called The San Francisco International Chocolate Salon. Presented by Taste TV, it’ll be the 5th annual event for this chocolate extravaganza and it sounds amazing. With over 50 master […]

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Gluten Free Glazed Meyer Lemon Muffins filled with Slow Roasted Balsamic Red Wine Strawberry Jam: A Gluten Free Ratio Rally Post

April 6, 2011

By now, if you follow my blog, you’ve read about my slow roasted strawberries in balsamic vinegar and red wine. You’ve read about me using them for the Bake Sale for Japan and creating the Lemon Honey Slow Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake Bars inspired by the Japanese Flag. But I alluded to a second item I […]

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Lemon Honey Slow Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake Bars, inspired by the Japanese Flag

April 4, 2011

So you’re probably wondering what I did with those slow roasted strawberries that I posted previously here on Eat the Love. Turns out I made two things with them for the Bake Sale for Japan that Samin organized. And though it didn’t turn out exactly as I had mentally imagined them to be, I was […]

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Slow Roasted Spicy Strawberries in Balsamic Vinegar and Red Wine

April 1, 2011

The past week has been a whirlwind surreal experience. I’ve been rushing around trying to get a bunch of stuff done because I’m out of town next week for a family function. I’ve been accused (or is it complimented?) of being an over-achiever in the past, but it seems that I just can’t get everything […]

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