December 2010

Pain d’Épice Cookies for 18 Reasons Holiday Cookie Swap!

December 24, 2010

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I attended a couple of cookie swaps during the holiday season. In truth, I not only attended one, but also help volunteer/host another one at 18 Reasons, a community space run by the Bi-Rite Market earlier this month. It was their DIY Dessert night, a monthly event […]

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Ginger Molasses Spice Cookies and My Sister’s Wedding

December 16, 2010

My sister Natatia got married a couple of months ago. It’s still hard for me to think of her as married, but there it was on her Facebook page with a different last name staring at me when I logged in the week afterwards. My sister is four years younger than me (and my brother […]

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Honey Lemon Ginger Molasses Marble Cookies for a Cookie Swap with Food Bloggers!

December 12, 2010

It’s the holiday season and that means cookies! Insane amount of cookies! All you need to do is look around the web and see that cookies are what’s on everyone’s mind, with the holidays coming up. I’m a little behind on the obligatory cookie post, but don’t fear, there will be many cookie posts coming up as I’ve been to a couple of cookie swaps recently. The one that my friend Annelies hosted, had me developing (at the last minute) these Honey Lemon Ginger Molasses Marble Cookies, which I have to say, I’m pretty proud of.

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An Apple Slab Pie with Dried Fall Fruit, a movie called Kings of Pastry and an event with the Baker’s Dozen

December 9, 2010

Recently I brought baked four apple slab pies with dried fall fruit to an event thrown by the Bakers Dozen, a San Francisco Bay Area baking group. I had joined the Bakers Dozen, on a bit of a whim about a year ago. I was talking to my therapist about the aimlessness of my life (typical therapist conversation right?) and he suggested that I join a baking group, as baking was clearly the center of my passion (this was way before I quit my job). Coincidentally I had impulsively joined the week before that session even happened (leading me to question whether or not I even needed to be in therapy, which of course, lead to many other therapy sessions… it’s bit of a vicious cycle isn’t it?).

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