September 2010

A Dessert Party with a Gluten Free Fig & Raspberry Mascarpone Tart & Local Honey, 17 other desserts and 100+ of my closest friends

September 27, 2010

I promised myself that after I quit my job, I would take ONE full week, SEVEN complete days, to not do anything. No baking, no blogging, no looking for jobs, no design gigs, no invoicing, nothing. I planned to sleep, eat, and maybe watch some Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (I’m a big Joss Whedon fan). But then I realized that plan had a bit of a snafu because I had actually planned a big dessert party three days after my last day of work. Which meant I had to bake on those two days in between, to get ready for the dessert party. Bake things like a Gluten Free Fig and Raspberry Mascarpone Tart with Local Honey. Or, you know, the 17 other desserts that I made for the party.

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How a Peach and Strawberry Cream Cobbler is like Quitting My Job.

September 15, 2010

Two weeks ago I wrote a letter that I have never written in my entire life. It was a letter of resignation to the owner of the company that I worked at. Worked at, as in past tense, because I was giving my two weeks notice and today is my last day at my job. I wrote the letter the day before I was to give notice, panicked a little when I saw the stark black type on the extremely white screen, and was talked down from the ledge of insecurity by my wonderful partner AJ who has been telling me all along that I had to quit my job because I was so unhappy. And then, after taking a few deep breathes, I went and baked a peach and strawberry cream cobbler. Because that’s what I do to calm myself down. I bake.

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